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What is the importance of gratitude in Meditation for men and women? lets discuss this topic today…

By Zen Osho Energy

This blog is not about the significant of sound or music in any Meditation. This significant of sound in Meditation can be found he is this post. Although today we will discuss more about the importance of sound in Meditation.

Have you listened any sound during Meditation? Have you heard any sound which is not produced outside of your sense organ? Have you listened to the sound that is beyond your sense organ? What if I say that you are listening to that sound?

 “Forget the dancer, the center of the ego. Become the dance. That is meditation.”

 – Osho, “The New Alchemy: To Turn You On”.

Source of all music

But first let me tell you one thing that a music can take anyone to far beyond their mind. Any deep soothing sound can take our being from one edge to another edge of our consciousness. But, If you are reading this post then you are selected for this gift. You are chosen for the purpose and now you will be able to listen that sound. 

There are various types of sound that can be heard in meditation. The stereotypes of that sound is like a “hmming” or the pitching of singing bowl. Most of us hear that sound as buzzing like a evening insects in your garden. have you heard that insects buzz daily. That is the reminding of your inner sound. 

Modern people sometimes say that their ear ring due to certain activities. Yes, that;s correct, some actions if done deeply or hit subconscious can buzz your ear unknowingly. But that sound can be listened 24/7. And when it starts buzzing, Meditation happens itself. The listening of that sound is Meditation. The more you listen to that sound, your thoughts vanishes. As you become more empty, the more you listens. 

In Hindu, its called OM and its has 10 types of Sound which no priests mentions to anyone. Its said that in Bible its called “The Word”, as the bible says the word created the Universe. And later the preacher of that respective defined according to their mind with understand the sound. In Sikha, its named as “SABaDA“. 

It not audible to everyone as its frequency is higher/lower then the human audible sounds. Thus, can only be heard or listened as we become compatible to that sound after certain Meditation practices. After emptying yourself little to embrace its magnificence. 

Do you hear the Buzz?

In the book, “Destiny of Souls” by Michael Newton, Conversation with one client Chinera reveals that “The Presence” beyond the elders and the great force is the “Sound“. In this session Dr Newton ask “Is the sound created by some sort of light Energy?” and the reply was mind blowing “No, the sounds creates ll ….. including light and energy“. May be the meaning of this could also be changed in coming days.

There are other various information that proves that sound is always there in this Universal. The only remaining thing is you need to open your heart for that greatness. I call it Great “SILENCE”. When there is no words, no outer sounds, no mind then there is still something and that is the greatest silence which comes with soothing sounds and loving music.

So, I call you to be a part of Zen Osho Energy and listen to the sound that created this whole universe. And most importantly it has no source because “You are the source of all. You are that and that is You.

If you have experienced any sounds while meditation, Feel free to write us. The people needs to listen more about your feeling. The more your share, you will be more compassionate and loving. Or Any questions?

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